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LED Lighting/Lights and Their Apparent Benefits

LED lighting is the new way to light your home and property. LED lights have many benefits that the regular bulbs you have in your house may not. LED lighting uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, which in turn will save you money in the long run….

LED Lighting: Innovations in the Way We Light Our Homes and Businesses

Technology is constantly evolving and changing. Just think about something simple, like the cell phone that you have in your pocket or on the table next to you, and how far it’s come in just the last decade. From a bulky slider phone to a slim all-functional iPhone or massively…

New LED Lighting For Old New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut, one of America’s oldest cities, is updating its look with the addition of LED lighting. They are the latest in a long list of smaller cities across the nation that are making this leap toward the future. Other small cities such as Pittsburgh, Oakland, and Detroit have…

LED Lighting Companies and Commitment to Change

There’s no doubt about it, LED lighting will be the way we light our streets in the future. While larger cities have been slower to adopt the technology, small cities are installing LEDs at an accelerated pace. Earlier this week, US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz visited Detroit, Michigan to commend…

Commercial and Residential LED Lighting Video

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