New LED Lighting For Old New Haven

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New LED Lighting For Old New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut, one of America’s oldest cities, is updating its look with the addition of LED lighting. They are the latest in a long list of smaller cities across the nation that are making this leap toward the future. Other small cities such as Pittsburgh, Oakland, and Detroit have made long-term commitments to LED lighting because of its long life and lower electrical consumption. These features of the lights make them very attractive to struggling cities looking to shrink the bottom line of their infrastructure budgets.

According to New Haven Chief Administrative Officer Mike Carter, the installation of LED street lights within their borders will cut their overall energy bill by a third or more. Another aspect of LED Lighting that might make it attractive to certain small cities is its ability to deter crime, since cities that with financial difficulties often have higher crime rates. LEDs are much brighter than traditional street light bulbs and tend to ward off car burglars and the like.

LEDs could be the perfect solution for smaller cities. They are cheaper, last longer, and deter crime. All of these things are major advantages and I expect that we’ll see larger cities adopting the technology as well. Of course, those projects would be much larger scale and so I think it will be a few years before any of the top ten US cities invest in LED street lighting.

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